Homeware Stores in New Zealand

When it comes to homeware stores in New Zealand, you can find a wide selection of items for your home. You can find furniture that matches your theme, decorative design extras, and even pet accessories. There’s something for everyone, including furniture that looks like a work of art. In addition to furniture, these stores also stock ceramics, linen, lighting accessories, and art.

The Mood Store

The Mood Store is an innovative homeware store NZ that caters to both consumers and interior designers. Located at 645 S. La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, the store supplies interior designers, film and TV professionals and consumers. With over 20,000 square feet of retail space, the store is sure to meet the design needs of both.

In addition to home goods, the store offers sewing classes and videos for those interested in learning to sew. It also has expanded into the art department and plans to introduce custom sewing machines.

The Natural Co.

A natural way to improve your mood is by using Full Spectrum Hemp Oil from The Natural Co. This Australian-made, organic oil contains 66mg of CBD isolate per ml. It’s blended with MCT Coconut carrier oil and is produced from hemp grown in Northern NSW without the use of pesticides. The oil helps you create a balanced mood and promotes a restful sleep. It can also help you deal with body aches.

Alex and Corban

The owners of Alex and Corban homeware stores, former winners of TV show The Block NZ, have a unique approach to home decorating. Their signature style is a combination of warm natural tones, linen, wood and soft comforting layers. The store layout reflects this approach, and features bedroom, living room and nursery schemes.

The owners grew up in a native bush setting in Auckland’s Island Bay. They decided to create a store that would combine their passion for design with practicality. The store now features a range of homewares designed and made by New Zealand designers and craftspeople. The store also offers practical interior and styling advice.

Shut the Front Door

A new homeware NZ store is opening on Auckland’s High Street, joining the growing list of quality homeware and gift stores. The new store, which sells furniture, homewares and gifts, is called Shut the Front Door, and boasts a thriving social media following. It offers an eclectic mix of products and great styling in its physical store. The brand, formerly known as Superette, has been open for five years and is gaining a reputation as a fashion destination, but now has expanded into interiors too.

Shut the Front Door is a popular homeware and gift store, offering a unique mix of products from around the world. You’ll find popular homeware brands like Halcyon Nights, Play Pouch and Lily & George, as well as quirky items from Kiwi and overseas.

The Design Store

The Design Store is a homeware store with seven retail shops in Auckland and a distribution centre. It stocks a wide range of homeware products from furniture to basic house utensils and decorative design extras. It also sells art, ceramics, linen, lighting accessories and pet accessories.

The store has a unique approach to homeware, using honest materials and a focus on lasting craftsmanship. It celebrates the spaces we spend time in and is full of modern, stylish and unusual pieces. Founded by Alex and Corban Walls, the brand also has a line of linen bedding, tableware and body care products.

Trade Aid

Trade Aid for homeware stores is an initiative that supports the creation of sustainable, fair-trade products from third-world countries. This organisation is accredited by the Fair Trade Federation and aims to create employment opportunities for those producers who face economic challenges. The charity also promotes transparent commercial relations and fair trade practices in the production of products.

To help small farmers and artisans sell their wares at fair prices, Trade Aid helps them find a global market for their products. The organisation has been combining trade and development for over 40 years and aims to empower local communities by providing them with fair trading opportunities. In addition to its own retail stores, Trade Aid donates to schools, animal welfare organisations, and other worthy causes. The company’s mission is to help small-scale community makers by enabling Kiwi consumers to travel from the farm to the store.

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