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Johnny Kendrick

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John has over 40 years experience in New Zealand natural history. He is an audio-visual expert and worked for 20 years for the New Zealand Wildlife Service where he pioneered natural sound recording in New Zealand, creating a natural sounds library. It was the use of his recorded bird songs, which enabled John and colleagues to capture and transfer to predator-free islands endangered birds such as the unique saddleback. Since retiring he maintains his own stereo sound and visual library of wildlife and nature. You can see and hear samples of his work throughout our website and in our gallery.

Johnny on Adams Island Johnny recording bird sounds
Adams Island, NZ Subantarctic Islands Johnny recording

John is also an adventurer and was involved in setting up the Speleological Society back in the 1950's. He was also involved in pioneering white water rafting. Other interests include tennis, his garden and hiking.

John continues to battle for protection of endangered species and has been involved in extensive searches for species many believe are extinct! In particular the South Island species of kokako which belongs to the endemic wattlebird family. Intensive searches have so far only produced sound recordings of this extremely elusive bird. But the search continues...

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