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Karen Baird

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Karen on Macquarrie Island

Karen set up Kiwi Wildlife Tours with her father Johnny Kendrick in 1997. Although no longer involved in the day-to-day running of KWT (she is the Department of Conservationís programme manager for the Kermadec Islands) Karen still finds time to lead the occasional tour and seabird trip in the Hauraki Gulf. She has a Masters degree in zoology and has worked in a professional capacity in conservation for 14 years. She has been involved in projects including studying the little spotted kiwi on Kapiti Island, New Zealand sea lion, southern right whale and royal albatross on New Zealand sub-antarctic islands, and efforts to establish marine reserves in New Zealand.

Karen is also an adventurer and has undertaken expeditions to Africa and South America. These adventures included paddling a canoe down a tributary of the Amazon searching for wildlife. Adventuring now revolves around searching for new birding locations in remote and beautiful parts of the Pacific.

Karen's other interests include hiking and tramping, snorkelling and diving, sea kayaking and boating, fossicking and exploring, gardening and growing native seedlings.

Pascoe River, Iron Range NP

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