Natural Lines Consultancy

specialises in interpretation and interpretive design: designing exhibits and displays for museums, visitor centres and outdoor interpretive facilities; and producing artwork and educational resources for wide variety of natural and cultural history projects throughout New Zealand.

NATURAL LINES brings together specialists to work on individual projects – combining interpretation expertise with high-class graphic design, creative writing, architecture, photography, artwork, model-making and other skills as required.  

Our emphasis is on a strongly visual, content-rich approach to presenting scientific, cultural, historical stories and information.

The combination of NATURAL LINES with KIWI WILDLIFE TOURS (specialising in natural history tours throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific with its emphasis on personal interpretation), gives NATURAL LINES CONSULTANCY a unique perspective on evaluating:

  • visitor facilities
  • messages and stories
  • and how they are conveyed or told.


  • Tiritiri Matangi (Ray & Barbara Walter) Visitor Centre – interpretive design (with Paradigm Design) of the exhibits for this new facility (Client: Department of Conservation and Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi).
  • Artwork for the Tiritiri Matangi project including a reconstruction painting of the Tiritiri Matangi wharf archaeological site (Client: Department of Conservation)


Chris GaskinIn 1995 CHRIS GASKIN established Natural Lines (NL was incorporated in 1997). Up to that time Chris had worked as an artist and illustrator over a period of 15 years, first as an artist employed by the NZ Forest Service and Department of Conservation illustrating the natural history and landscapes of southern New Zealand. He then worked as a free-lance illustrator with a number of award winning books to his name.

  Fossil strip

Other work Chris has been involved in includes: working with archaeologists reconstructing sites throughout New Zealand, both Maori and Pakeha; with palaeontologists reconstructing New Zealand's fascinating extinct fauna including fossil birds, penguins and moa; and geologists recreating prehistoric environments including volcanoes. Chris was awarded a Churchill Study Grant in 1996 to visit interpretation centres and museums in the United States (including Hawaii) and Canada.


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