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Nigel Milius

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Nigel was born in England and is a keen birder with a particular interest in seabirds and has travelled widely in pursuit of them. He has worked at Faire Isle Bird Observatory in the Shetlands, on the Falkland Islands and has visited Australia, the Bering Sea, China, Chile, Galapagos Islands and various places in Europe.

Nigel Milius on Macquarrie Island
Macquarrie Island, Australian Subantarctic Islands

Nigel has spent much of the last 10 years in Antarctica, first as chef with the British Antarctic Survey and later working with gentoo penguins, south polar skua and cape pigeon. He also spent 8 months on Macquarie Island studying elephant seals and has worked as a lecturer on board Antarctic cruiseships.

Since coming to NZ Nigel has volunteered on many projects including helping the Chatham Island taiko, monitoring little spotted kiwi and assisting at the Miranda Shorebird Centre. Nigel and Wendy were recently married and live on the Coromandel Peninsula. Nigel's main interests are birding, tramping, diving and photography.

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