What You Should Know About Horse Stables

A horse stable is a building that provides shelter for horses. It protects them from extreme weather conditions like hot sun, strong wind, thunderstorm and flood. It also allows them to exercise. It can be made from concrete or gravel.

Stables should have plenty of windows for natural light and ventilation. The windows should have a grill or sturdy mesh to prevent the horses from breaking them.


Stalls are a primary component of horse stables and typically consist of box or standing stalls. They should be large enough to allow the horses to lie down comfortably. The walls should be 7.5 feet high to prevent horses from getting their legs caught on them. Also, the stall should have concrete flooring that is soft and comfortable to stand on.

Stables should have windows in the stalls to provide light and ventilation. However, these windows should be screened to prevent rodents from chewing on them. Stalls should be at least 10 feet wide so that the horses can move around freely.

Some horses are stalled to rest or recover from illness. They can also be stalled when they are injured or need to be separated from their herd. Other reasons to stall horses include preventing them from fighting during feeding times, allowing them to eat more food, and preventing herd members from bullying them.

Tack room

The tack room is where horses’ saddles, bridles and other riding equipment are stored. It needs to be secure and well-organized so that it’s easy for riders to access their gear. Lockers are a good idea for storing extra accessories that aren’t often used, but it’s best to hang most tack room items from the wall. This will save space and prevent your tack from getting dusty. It’s also important to make sure that your tack room has plenty of natural light. This will help the leather products in your tack room last longer and stay clean.

You should also make sure that your tack room is large enough to comfortably accommodate the number of horses in your stable and their discipline. Crowded and dirty equipment is more likely to become damaged or lost over time. The tack room should also have air conditioning or a dehumidifier to control the climate and inhibit mold growth on leather equipment.

Wash bay

A well-designed wash area keeps horses sanitary, safe and comfortable. It is also appreciated by staff and boarders, reducing stress on all parties involved in grooming and bathing activities.

You can build a wash area in many different ways, depending on your facility’s needs and budget. A concrete slab is expensive but provides a durable, low-maintenance surface for years of use. You can also choose a gravel or septic rock floor, although this may not drain well and may sore the horse’s feet. Asphalt or a compacted road base covered with rubber mats are other possible options.

The most important consideration for a wash stall is the water source and drainage system. Ideally, the floor slopes slightly and directs runoff water away from the horse. Lighting and heating are important, too. Radiant heaters are ideal for horse wash stalls, as they produce comfortable radiant heat without the displacement of air and can help to reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses.

Night check

The most basic horse boarding stables offer simple stalls and pastures, while others are luxuriously fitted with arenas and trainers on site. Many are able to accommodate boarders with different needs by offering multiple options like full and partial boarding.

If your horse is pastured, it will need less day-to-day care than those in stalls. However, it should still be checked on and provided with clean water and sufficient hay. The hay should also be topped off daily and blanketed when necessary.

The decision to stable or pasture your horse depends on where you live. If the weather is usually warm and sunny, it may not be necessary to stable your horse overnight. But if you live in an area with a lot of rain, or in a mountainous region, it will be better for your horse to be kept inside at night. This will protect it from mud and ice, which can cause health problems in horses.

Home Renovations in Wellington

Whether you call it ‘Welli’, the ‘windy city’ or the ‘cultural capital’, there is no doubt that Wellington has something for everyone. The city’s rich history and thriving cafe culture is one of the many reasons that people choose to live here.

Home renovations Wellington can be expensive, and it is important to understand how much a project will cost before starting work. Some things to consider include permits and fees, as well as high-end materials.

EasyBuild House Packs

Known by New Zealanders as the ‘Windy City’ or ’Wellie,’ Wellington is a unique place with great art galleries and cultural events. It is also home to some fantastic hiking trails and coffee culture. Whether you are looking to renovate your existing home or build a new one, there are many building companies in Wellington that can help.

EasyBuild House Packs is a company that offers affordable kitset homes. They have a variety of designs and can be shipped anywhere in the country. They are also dedicated to energy-efficient homes. They can even help you design your dream home.

If your exterior cladding is looking tired, you might need to replace it. Replacing it will make your home more attractive and will protect it from the harsh Wellington weather. You can also extend your outdoor living space with decks, paved areas, barbecues, gazebos and more. These additions will allow you to take advantage of the stunning Wellington and Hutt Valley scenery.

Supreme Residential Construction

Supreme Residential Construction is a registered building company that offers a range of services. Their work focuses on repairing or replacing roofs, installing new windows and doors, as well as masonry and chimney repair. They also offer a range of outdoor renovations, such as back patios and paver driveways. Their team is made up of licensed builders who treat their clients and their homes with integrity.

They are also proud to be a family-owned and operated business. They offer a free building quote and will work with you to ensure your project is completed within your budget. They can even help you find the right style for your home.

Founded in 2023, Spice Build has won several awards for their projects. Their latest, a white home in Woburn, Lower Hutt, won the Wellington and Wairarapa Supreme Renovation of the Year award, the Bunnings Renovated Home $750,000 to $1.5 million category, and the PDL Smart Home Award.

Kerryn Stewart Building Contractors

Kerryn Stewart Building Contractors is a Wellington home renovation builder with years of experience. They offer a full range of services, from kitchen remodeling to bathroom and home design. Their expertise in these fields has earned them a reputation as the premier Wellington remodeling contractor.

A dated bathroom can detract from the value of your home, and it may be time to consider a remodel. A good bathroom designer will help you transform your bathroom into a beautiful and functional space. They will take into consideration the style, layout, lighting, and fixtures to create a space that is both functional and elegant.

They can also provide advice on house alteration designs and help with council permits. This will save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. They can also help you make the best use of your outdoor space with decks, paving, and fences. They can also construct structures such as gazebos, firepits, and barbeques.

Refresh Renovations

Refresh Renovations is a renovation building company that provides homeowners with a stress-free home improvement experience. They provide a comprehensive process to manage the design, quote and build stages. Their experienced renovation consultants will handle all the details for you, including council consents, budgeting and scheduling. They also have a team of qualified tradespeople who will help complete your renovation.

Renovating a home is one of the most hectic times in any homeowner’s life. Organizing contractors, finalizing designs and managing costs can be overwhelming. In addition, communication with builders can be difficult, leading to escalating costs and delays.

Refresh was founded to solve these problems, and has since become the world’s largest renovation specialist with locations in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. Their systems and processes have received rave reviews from customers and industry experts alike. They have also partnered with innovative technology providers to streamline their business operations. These tools enable franchisees to deliver consistent service, improve communications, and provide real-time project updates for clients.

Tiny Houses For Sale Auckland – Why You Should Buy One

With property prices sky high, it can be hard for young New Zealanders to get a foot on the property ladder. One alternative is an affordable tiny homes for sale Auckland.

These are not your average sheds or studios – they’re designed with style and functionality in mind. Features include interior shutters, louvre windows, and a freestanding claw-foot bath with gas fireplace.

Why Tiny Houses?

There’s a lot to consider when you choose to go tiny. First of all, you’ll probably need to downsize your stuff and get rid of a lot of your clutter. This means more expenses, especially if you need to pay for storage facilities.

Another consideration is that living in a tiny house can feel cramped if you have more than one person. If you decide to live with a partner or family members, it will be even harder to find privacy for everyone.

However, the good news is that many affordable tiny homes come fully furnished and ready to move in – including connections for water and electricity. They are also easy to reposition, so you can change locations with relative ease. Plus, they often come with a warranty for extra peace of mind.


Compared to traditional homes, tiny houses can cost a fraction of the price. This is largely due to the fact that they are usually built using cheaper materials and building labour rates.

Depending on the builder and design, the total cost of a New Zealand tiny home can vary. The most affordable tiny houses NZ are those from Podular, which can be purchased for around $85,000.

Kyron recommends researching designs, builders and your lifestyle before signing on the dotted line. He says: “It is important to understand what you are buying, look at plans, YouTube videos and make sure it suits your needs.”

Living Space

As the name suggests, tiny homes are smaller than conventional dwellings. However, they are still comfortable and functional. Their compact size means they require less energy to heat and cool. This can also lead to lower utility bills.

Unlike traditional houses that may take 25 years or more to pay off, affordable tiny homes can be paid off in as little as five years. This means that buyers can move into their dream home without mortgaging away their future.

This stunning tiny house was built by New Zealand-based company, Affordable Tiny Homes. It features an impressive array of upgrades, including interior shutters, a freestanding tub and a fireplace. It is also equipped with a space-saving electronic bed platform that raises the mattress when not in use.

Energy Efficiency

With a smaller house comes lower utility costs. In the Stuff interviews, many tiny home owners mention that they can save a significant amount of money on power and other expenses.

In New Zealand, tiny houses built on a trailer are deemed not to be buildings and should therefore not require building consent. However, rules can vary between regions and it is important to research council regulations carefully.

Vanessa Parkinson approached Ready Homes in 2021 to have a container home built on her land. However, the director, Warren Sinclair – who is also listed as a director or shareholder for seven other companies on the New Zealand Companies Register – said it wasn’t possible and instead sold her a tiny home through another company, NZ Modular Homes.


With reduced upfront and ongoing costs, owning a tiny home can result in greater financial freedom. This means that you can use your savings towards investments or experiences that matter to you.

This is especially true for travelling types who want to hit the open road and ignite their sense of adventure. Tiny homes can generally be hooked up to a vehicle and used for travel, which is a great benefit compared with a standard house.

Despite this, there are still some restrictions and requirements to consider when it comes to New Zealand tiny houses. These rules are largely set at a local council level and can vary widely. Some require the house to be permanently located on a site and others are unclear about whether or not transportable tiny homes are considered vehicles or buildings.

Buy Kamagra Online From a Trusted Source

Kamagra is a safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, it is important to buy this medication from a trusted source. Many unauthorised websites sell illegal products that contain dangerous levels of sildenafil. These medications may also contain ingredients that could cause other medical problems.

Approved pharmacies carry out medical checks before supplying prescription medicines. These checks ensure that the medicine is suitable for you and does not interfere with other medical conditions or medications that you may be taking.

It is a safe treatment

Kamagra is a safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. It contains sildenafil, a drug that has been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and is licensed for sale in Europe. It is available in tablet and oral jelly form. It is a popular choice for people who want to improve their sex drive and have an orgasm.

However, it is important to remember that if you buy this medication without a doctor’s prescription, you could be putting your health at risk. Illegal websites do not check your medical history to ensure that the medicine is safe for you, and may even contain ingredients that are dangerous for you to take.

If you want to increase your sex drive, try using a lubricant with your Kamagra. This will help your partner’s sperm move more easily. You can find a lot of different types of lubricant, but choose one that is safe for you and your partner.

It is available without a prescription

Many websites selling Kamagra are based overseas and are not regulated. This puts you at risk of credit card fraud and serious health problems. These sites also do not comply with laws governing how your personal information is stored and used.

In addition, unauthorized websites are more likely to sell counterfeit products. Licensed products must adhere to strict standards during production, storage, and shipping. They must also undergo rigorous clinical trials to ensure that they are safe and effective. By contrast, unlicensed medicines do not have to adhere to these guidelines.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things, including psychological problems. Counselling and lifestyle changes can often help to relieve these symptoms. However, some people need prescription ED drugs like Kamagra to get the treatment they need. Kamagra is available as a pill and as oral jelly, and it works very well for most men. It also comes in a range of fun flavours, which makes it more appealing to some patients.
It is affordable

The FDA-approved drug Kamagra is an affordable treatment for erectile dysfunction. It has been shown to work just as well as the more expensive sildenafil. But it is important to buy this medication from a legal source. Illegal online pharmacies often sell counterfeit medications that can be harmful. They also do not comply with laws designed to keep your personal information private and safe from identity theft.

The erectile dysfunction caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis can be improved by a combination of lifestyle changes and counselling. However, these solutions can take time to have an effect. For this reason, many men prefer to use a prescription-only treatment such as Kamagra.

This medicine is a powerful drug that works by increasing blood flow to the penis and clitoris. It can also improve libido and boost testosterone levels. This makes it a great option for older men with low sperm counts. It can also help improve sexual performance for those with underlying medical issues such as heart disease and high blood pressure.
It is effective

Kamagra is a highly effective treatment for men with erectile dysfunction. Clinical trials show that almost 90% of men who were treated with Kamagra returned to having normal erections within four months of the last treatment session. However, it is important to take it correctly and use it in conjunction with lifestyle changes and counselling.

The main ingredient in Kamagra is sildenafil, which works by blocking the phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme and thereby increasing blood flow to the penis. This increase in blood flow results in an erection. It is available in tablet form or as an oral jelly. It is easy to take, does not cause drowsiness and is very effective.

Many websites sell Kamagra without a prescription, which puts your health at risk. Purchasing medication from unregulated websites also increases the chances of getting counterfeit pills. These medications may contain dangerous ingredients or they may be contaminated with other substances. There have been numerous high profile raids by the MHRA against sites selling fake medications.

House Washers Auckland – Why You Should Leave it to the Pros

A professional house wash is a great way to boost your home’s aesthetics and increase its resale value. It also protects your home from the elements and can prolong its life.

Be careful with bushes and tender plants around your home and make sure to cover them before you start washing. You should also cover any windows and doors to prevent water ingress.

Roof Cleaning

A clean roof says a lot about the overall care of a property and adds to resale value. However, washing the roof can be difficult and dangerous if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s best to leave this task to professionals who take safety seriously. They have a range of services including gutter cleaning, roof washing and exterior cleaning.

Their comprehensive cleaning packages and roof treatments are affordable, making them one of the best options for homeowners. They also use the latest technology to ensure the safest results for all surfaces. Their team of professionals are highly experienced and friendly, making them the best choice for your next clean.

A standard house wash includes removing all cobwebs, cleaning the outside edge of guttering, eaves and barge boards, gable ends, flashings and all cladding as well as all window frames and exterior doors. The team is very thorough and always checks every nook and cranny, behind weatherboards, under barge boards and around all sides of windows.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is not an easy job, but it can protect your home from expensive damage. Regular cleaning will prevent blockages and a variety of costly problems such as roof leaks, timber decay, and mould growth. It is recommended to get your gutters cleaned every 3-4 months.

Cleanse Right provides eco-friendly cleaning services and is a popular choice for gutter cleaning in Auckland. They use biodegradable soft chemical washing materials and a team that is qualified to work at heights. They also have a site safety management system and provide a full owner guarantee on their work.

Whether you’re preparing for sale or repainting, a thorough exterior house wash will improve your property’s aesthetics and increase its value. A professional pressure cleaner can also extend the life of your cladding, bricks or weatherboard. They can remove salt deposits from coastal properties, as well as any dirt or grime that is causing the growth of organisms on your home.

Exterior Cleaning

Whether you are looking to spruce up your property for sale, or just a regular spring clean, a professional house wash is a good idea. It can extend the life of paint, bricks and weatherboards, as well as prevent mould and moss growth.

NZ House Wash Company offers a comprehensive exterior cleaning service that includes power washing of houses, decks, fences and driveways. They can also provide roof, gutter and window washing. They can be hired for a one-off job or as part of a package to prepare a property for sale.

The team is highly experienced in the water blasting process, and uses biodegradable and environmentally friendly products to avoid harming your property. They are also qualified to remove moss and lichen from roofs, and can unblock gutters. They are able to reach difficult-to-reach places, such as behind barge boards and under weatherboards. They can also treat the property for fungus and other organic matter.

Interior Cleaning

A clean interior is a must for any homeowner. This will help prevent a build-up of dust, dirt and mildew, which can cause damage to the walls, ceilings and floors. There are a number of cleaning services that offer general interior cleaning, including carpet and upholstery cleaning. Some of them also provide window cleaning and power washing.

Wisdom Cleaning is one of the top cleaning services in Auckland. They are affordable and offer a wide range of cleaning services. They also have a green focus, which means they care about the environment as well as their clients. They use biodegradable products to protect the environment and your property.

Whether you’re selling your home or simply want to give it a spruce up, professional house washing is the best way to do it. It can prolong the life of your paintwork, bricks and weatherboards, and keep it looking good for years to come. Auckland House Washers Company is a specialist in house and window cleaning in Auckland and the North Shore. Their services can help prepare your home for sale or repainting, as well as clean out dirty gutters and extend the life of your brickwork.

Top Roofers in Auckland

Auckland Roofer is a professional who specializes in repairing, replacing and installing roofs on homes and businesses in Auckland. They are trained to work safely in all kinds of weather conditions and work on rooftops made of various materials.

This company focuses on re-roofing and can restore tile, corrugated iron and colour steel roofs. They also do a range of other roofing services, including cleaning and water blasting for grime and moss.

Affordable Roofing Ltd

Affordable Roofing Ltd is one of the best roof repair specialists in Auckland. They can repair both domestic and commercial roofs. They also provide services for gutter cleaning and roof painting. This is an excellent preventive maintenance technique for your roof, as it can help you avoid the need for costly repairs in the future.

They specialize in flat roofs and can work on any type of membrane. They can also take care of leaks from skylights. They are skilled at working on your roof without disrupting your business, and they also provide a 20-year warranty for each project.

This company uses only New Zealand-made products, so it is a great choice for homeowners who want to support local business. They also offer a variety of insulation products and can install long-run iron and roof spouting while they are working on your roof.

Archer Roofing Ltd

Archer Roofing Ltd has over two decades of experience in the roofing industry. They offer a wide range of roofing services, including shingle roofing, flat roof repair and installation of skylights. Their services are fully insured and bonded. They also have an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. Their competence is verified by personal recommendations and repeat orders make up a large portion of their work. Their team is well-trained and qualified in the latest roofing standards. Their email bounce rate is incredibly low, thanks to NeverBounce. This tool reduces the number of emails that get marked as spam, thereby improving your email deliverability.

Johnson Roofing

If you have a problem with your roof, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait until the weather gets worse and cause more damage to your home. Fortunately, there are plenty of roofing services in Auckland that can help you fix your roof fast.

This locally owned company specializes in re-roofing and roof repair. They are licensed builders and SiteSafe members, and they use high-quality roofing materials. They also provide roof maintenance, such as spraying a biodegradable softwash to remove moss and algae.

Johnson Roofing has a diverse workforce. This is reflected in their hiring practices and diversity score, which Zippia uses to measure companies’ gender, racial, and ethnic diversity. This score is based on self-reported data from employees.

Shamrock Reroofing

Shamrock Reroofing is a full service roofing company that provides the residential properties of Auckland with the best quality products, great customer service and unbeatable value for money. They can also supply and install all forms of long run iron and spouting. They can also add fiberglass insulation at the same time as replacing your roof.

Find out more about Establishment and roofing contractor Shamrock Reroofing Ltd at 1/21A Ruarangi Road, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025, New Zealand – see photos, reviews, opening hours, map, phone number and more. Yelp has verified that this business is genuine.

Richmond Rovers rugby league club is pleased to announce that Shamrock Reroofing Ltd have become the club’s Key Sponsor for 2014. Richmond chairman, Gus Fepuleai, says that the partnership will provide critical support that will have a significant impact on both senior and junior rugby league programmes.

Accredited Roofing & Coatings

Founded in 2010, Accredited Roofing & Coatings Ltd is an unlisted company. They are based in the Auckland region and have offices located at Unit 2, 41 Porana Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0626. They are also known by the names Accredited Roof Coatings Limited and Accredited House & Roof Coatings Ltd. Stephen George Huntingford is the director of the company and its other directors include Jason William Brown and Javier A. Hernandez.

Roof coatings can significantly extend the life of your roof, saving you money on energy bills and reducing maintenance costs. They also protect your building against harmful UV rays and allow for greater comfort and productivity in your facility. The coatings are applied quickly and easily and are fully adhered. They are also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Top Wedding Photographer in Wellington

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves to be remembered with breathtaking photographs. That’s why top-rated Wellington photographers like Photography by Andie use natural light and gorgeous colours to create dreamy images.

At the heart of her work is real happiness. For Michelle Davies, this means capturing the smallest details and moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.

We Do Photography & Design

We Do Photography & Design capture creative & quirky wedding memories that will make you laugh, cry, swoon and want to do it all over again. A husband & wife team with a fresh and fun approach to photography.

Book your photographer early. It’s not uncommon for photographers to offer a discount for booking ahead and this also locks in your price. Opt for digital images – this will save you money and time when it comes to printing and sharing with family.

Don’t be tempted to cut costs on the photography, as this is something you will regret later on. Look for a photographer that’s affordable and has a proven track record. Be sure to ask about their cancellation policy too!


Whether you are looking for an affordable portrait photographer or one that can capture the beauty of your wedding, FotoDiem is the place to go. Their team is experienced and will make you feel at ease during your photo shoot. They also offer customisable packages for any special requests you may have.

They are known for capturing the most important moments of your big day, including those small gestures that might be forgotten over time. They are also able to create beautiful images with the most basic lighting.

Jin Cowan is an exceptional professional photographer in Wellington. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and her work is truly remarkable. Her services are available for weddings, family potraits, and maternity photography. You can contact her via her website or social media to schedule an appointment.

Jinal Govind Photography

The Carbon Seven is a photography business that specializes in capturing life’s most special moments. Its services include wedding planning, day-of coordination, consultation, and styling. Its team is meticulous and detail-oriented and can ensure that your big day will be as magical as you imagine it to be.

A reputable wedding photographer should be able to deliver timeless photos that reflect your unique style. A good photographer can make your day even more memorable and will ensure that every moment is captured in a way that reflects genuine emotions. To find the best Wellington wedding photographer for you, look for one that offers competitive prices and is known for their quality work. This will help you avoid wasting money on poor-quality images that you may regret later on.

Michelle Davies Photography

This Wellington wedding photographer specializes in documenting the most special moments of your life. They are passionate about capturing the realness of your relationship and will make sure you have amazing photos to look back on for years to come. They also offer wedding videography packages to capture your big day from different angles.

Tim and Nadine are passionate about photography and love to travel. They find inspiration in clean lines, negative space, beautiful architecture, photojournalism, and real connections. They are open to all types of weddings, from DIY board game receptions in community halls to black-tie ceremonies in ancient places. This multi-awarded team will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day and deliver high-resolution photographs. They will also create a beautiful wedding album for you to remember your big day forever.

Cath Fitzgerald Photography

Cath Fitzgerald is a Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Wedding Photographer in Wellington. She is known for her organic, natural and timeless style. She uses her custom-built natural light studio to capture families at their most beautiful. She is also available for lifestyle sessions on location.

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Polystyrene Auckland

Polystyrene Auckland is a plastic material that contains toxic chemicals like Styrene and Benzene. It breaks down when exposed to heat and releases these toxins into the environment. It also contaminates the food it holds and can cause health problems.

A new recycling point for waste EPS has opened outside Mangawhai ITM. Businesses and households can drop their EPS offcuts here to be recycled. The resulting product is used as insulation for buildings.

What is polystyrene?

Polystyrene is a hard, stiff and brilliantly transparent synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer. It can be solid or foamed and is the most commonly used plastic. Solid polystyrene, or general purpose polystyrene, contains ring-shaped molecular groups that prevent chains from packing tightly into crystalline structures, and this gives it its transparency. It can be injection molded or extruded. Polystyrene is used in the food service industry for rigid trays and containers, disposable eating plates and bowls, and foamed cups, among other things. It is also used in medical applications to sterilize test tubes and diagnostic components.

Polystyrene is popular as a packaging material because it’s inexpensive, inert (doesn’t react chemically with other materials) and lightweight. It is also found in a range of other consumer and industrial products such as bottle caps, disposable cutlery, model cars, insulation and car parts. Polystyrene’s durability, flexibility, and wide range of hardness make it a useful product for many different industries.

Polystyrene food containers

EPS is the most common form of food packaging in use in New Zealand. It is lightweight, inexpensive and insulating. It is also recyclable. It is used by many businesses, including restaurants and hotels. Often, it is combined with other materials to create coolers and bags. These containers can be stacked and are available in several sizes.

Unlike traditional plastics, polystyrene is not biodegradable. Moreover, it contains Styrene and Benzene, which are suspected carcinogens. When hot foods or liquids touch EPS, they can cause it to partially break down and release these chemicals into the food or beverage. These chemicals can then migrate to the human body.

Some communities have banned EPS products and food service ware. These bans include cities and towns in Massachusetts, such as Abington, Amherst, Andover, Brookline, Attleboro, Arlington, and more. Alternatives to EPS are widely available and can be found at many retail and online stores. Refer to the “Vendors of Compostable or Recyclable Food Service Ware” link in the FAQ section for more information.

Polystyrene packaging

Many of us have seen pictures of New Zealand beaches and waterways strewn with discarded polystyrene, and even worse the images of dead Seabirds whose stomachs were filled with this lightweight white bead. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is cheap and easy to make, but difficult and expensive to recycle. It’s often combined with other plastics to create a product with unique properties, such as high-density foam insulation or clear rigid plastic packaging.

Polystyrene can be found in everything from the outside of your fridge to the moulded white squishy protective packaging that protects fragile electronics and toys. It’s also used in the housings of computers, hair dryers, TVs, ovens, microwaves and kitchen appliances, surfboards and boogie boards.

Unlike the hard, brittle plastic form of polystyrene, the squishy foam form (often called Styrofoam) is quite soft and durable. It can be recycled, but it takes special equipment to do so. Generally, recycling centres separate EPS from other materials and grind it down to a smaller size, then densify it into blocks.

Polystyrene recycling

You’ve probably seen expanded polystyrene foam, better known as styrofoam, in takeout food containers and coffee cups or as protective padding in package deliveries. However, you might not know that styrofoam can be recycled.

You can recycle styrofoam by taking it to a local recycling centre or Mitre10 who have a plastic EPS recycling cube at most of their stores around NZ. It’s best to make sure the styrofoam is clean before dropping it off; dirt, food waste and stickers or tape can contaminate the process.

Styrofoam is a major polluter, posing a threat to marine life. The white particles, which resemble fish scales and can be mistaken for food, clog the digestive tracts of seabirds and marine life. Recycling styrofoam reduces the amount that winds up in landfills or the oceans. It also cuts down on the use of oil, a non-renewable resource.

Outdoor Blinds Tauranga – Create a Stylish Alfresco Area All Year Round

Transform your space to instantly create a sheltered, private area for relaxing and entertaining. Keep out rain, sun and insects while maintaining a beautiful view.

Omni Screen outdoor blinds tauranga are designed for New Zealand weather and combine beauty with smart design. They work with a hand-crank system and can be set to your desired height.


Ziptrak is a leading track-guided blind system that is durable, long-lasting and perfect for Australian weather conditions. It offers a variety of custom options and is easy to operate. In addition, the blinds create a sealed barrier that keeps out heat during summer and cold air during winter. This helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduces the reliance on expensive air conditioning systems.

The system uses a cordura tape often called Kedar which is high-frequency welded to the fabric. It can hold a lot of force which allows the blind to efficiently move up and down. This is a significant improvement over the more traditional spline system used in other types of outdoor blinds.

The patented design of Ziptrak also eliminates gaps that can let in wind, rain and insects. It looks streamlined and neat, and it can be customised to fit your home’s style. It is usually more expensive than other types of blinds, but it can be worth the extra investment if you’re looking for quality and longevity.

Omni Screen

A new addition to our range, this stylish outdoor blind provides privacy, weather protection and climate control, turning an opening roof into a usable space all year round. Simple to operate and secure, it’s a perfect balance of form and function.

These streamlined screens are custom made in house and available in clear PVC, tinted PVC or hi-tech quality solar mesh fabrics in a choice of colours. They lock into place with stainless-steel clips and can be fitted to a pergola, patio or balcony. They can also be installed over a window or door – great for adding privacy to living areas or bedrooms.

They have a small track system, so they are easy to open and close and don’t require bulky framing. They are ideal for those who want to protect their pergola or patio from wind and rain but still enjoy a view of the landscape. They also have the option of a wire guide for added wind protection.


PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride blinds are a great solution for alfresco areas that are exposed to harsh sunlight rays. They are a cost effective way to protect your outdoor living area from sun, wind and rain whilst maintaining a clear view of the surroundings.

The PVC blinds are available in a range of colours and styles. They are also a more durable option than mesh. The blinds are made from high quality materials, including UV stabilised material that will not yellow or deteriorate over time.

Clear PVC is an excellent choice if you want protection from driving winds and rain. The PVC material is woven with small holes, which can be sized to suit your needs. Classic mesh has a 10% open weave, Urban is 5% and Extreme is just 3%, this allows you to choose the level of visibility & resistance to elements that you require. PVC blinds need regular cleaning, either by hosing or brushing with a soft bristle brush and soapy water or Swiftee Cleaner.

Crank Roller

Stylish quality custom made clear PVC or shade screen outdoor blinds that will add value to your home or create an additional outdoor living area. A streamlined and robust system that can be fully automated with sun and wind sensors to open or close at the press of a button.

They incorporate a 50mm galvanized tube that weights the fabric down and is held in place by Stainless Steel snap shackles which are riveted to collapsible saddles, attaching to s/s ground fittings. The operation is easy using a handle crank mechanism located on the side of the blind. The main benefit is that it is child safe compared to chain operated roller blinds, since the crank can be removed and stored away out of reach of children.

Suitable for any home, apartment or commercial property – great as a cafe outdoor shading solution to weatherproof a dining area and provide privacy. Alternatively, they are perfect for further privacy screening on a pergola or adding strength and beauty to a garden room.

Immigration Lawyer Tauranga

Immigration law is a complex field and you need a qualified lawyer to represent your interests. Licensed immigration advisers must meet competency standards and follow a code of conduct. They must also charge fees that are fair and reasonable.

You can find a suitable immigration adviser by checking their license status on the register. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Ned Burke

Ned Burke is a lawyer in Tauranga with over 20 years of immigration law experience in both Europe and New Zealand. He has assisted clients with visa applications, judicial reviews, and refugee law-related matters. He currently works at Access NZ immigration law firm. He is licensed to practice in the United States and focuses on corporate immigration law.

He has a bachelor’s degree in business and law. He practices at his firm in Tauranga, New Zealand. His clients include companies and individuals from the US, as well as foreign nationals looking to live in the country. He also assists family members seeking visas.

Donald Robinson was found guilty of assaulting a woman friend when he was under the influence of alcohol in Tauranga District Court. The 61-year-old was sentenced to 75 hours community work. He was also ordered to pay $750 compensation to his victim. The judge said he had “no excuse” for the attack.

Kim Saull

Immigration law is a complex area of law, and it can be difficult to navigate without a good Immigration lawyer. Licensed immigration advisers Tauranga are experienced professionals who can help you with your visa applications and other legal issues. They can also assist with immigration appeals, judicial reviews, and refugee law-related matters.

Kim Saull is a New Zealand-based immigration lawyer who specializes in character waiver applications, ministerial jobs, section 61 requests, and work visas. She graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in business and law, and has extensive experience both in Europe and New Zealand.

In addition to being highly skilled in immigration law, Saull is a member of several professional organizations. She is fluent in English and Hindi, and she is an expert at handling unlawful migrant matters, skilled migration applications, and family residency applications. She is also knowledgeable about the New Zealand legal system and can provide advice in a variety of languages.

Michael Kim

Michael Kim is a New Zealand-based immigration lawyer with a unique background. He grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ, and graduated from Haverford College with an English literature degree. He then worked as an employee relations officer at a large financial company. During his time as an employee relations officer, he became passionate about immigration and refugee law. He has extensive experience in complex visa applications and refugee claims. He has also represented clients at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, District Court, and High Court.

He currently works at Stay Legal and focuses on immigration, employment, family, and civil litigation cases. He is a member of the Auckland District Law Society’s Immigration and Refugee Law Committee and has a strong interest in human rights legislation.

Anyone who gives New Zealand immigration advice must have a license from the Immigration Advisers Authority. If you find someone who does not have a license, you can report them to the IAA.

Jag Lal

Jag Lal is a New Zealand-based immigration advisor who has been in the business for 44 years. His background gives him an understanding of the cultural needs of migrants to New Zealand. He can help them settle in their new country and offer immigration service support and guidance on housing, business and employment issues. He also understands their financial constraints, and tries to find solutions that are cost effective.

Tauranga Immigration lawyers  are more qualified than immigration consultants, and they are able to assist with more complex immigration cases. They have completed an undergraduate degree and a law degree, and they receive a broader legal education than immigration consultants. This allows them to provide more in-depth legal analysis and develop more effective strategies for their clients. They can also help migrant who have complicated pasts, such as criminal convictions, to resolve their case. They can also assist with asylum applications. They are also required to maintain professional liability insurance, which provides additional protection for their clients.