What Does a Tiler Wellington Do?

A tiler wellington is a professional who prepares surfaces to lay tiles. They can use a variety of materials to achieve their desired effect. These include plaster, sand and cement. They also know how to properly install tiles and grout them.

Cowboy tilers usually take shortcuts to cut costs, for example using standard concrete glue for substrates that require premium flexible glue. This can cause damage and lead to a poor finish.


Tiles are a form of furnishing used in wall, ceiling and floor finishing. They are available in a wide variety of styles to suit different tastes and budgets. They can be made from almost any hard substance, such as stone or glass, and are often used to protect surfaces from moisture damage. Tiles can also be decorative and may have a pattern that reflects a theme or design concept.

The Tile app uses Bluetooth to locate items that have been linked to your account. The wider the community of Tile users, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to find your lost item. The app has a few partnerships that can help you do this, such as Amazon Alexa and Comcast set-top boxes. The app will work with a range of devices that use Bluetooth, including the iPhone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy S from the S21+ onwards. It can also work with some Android phones and the Apple Watch.


Underlayment offers a moisture barrier, smooths out slight irregularities in the subfloor, adds cushioning to the floor treatment above and helps quiet a noisy floor. Different types of decorative flooring require different kinds of underlayment. For example, a rubber cork underlay is ideal for tile while DITRA, a polyethylene membrane designed to suppress cracks, is an excellent choice for wood floors including those with radiant heat.

Sheet-type underlayments like backer board and cement board can provide a good foundation for many types of flooring. However, these underlayments do add a layer of rigidity to the floor which can limit some flexibility and movement. Alternatively, an uncoupling membrane or a thicker self-leveling underlay may be suitable.

Foam is a great underlayment for hardwood floors because it provides a soft surface, is mold and mildew resistant, insulating and offers sound reduction. It also creates a moisture barrier and can be used with radiant floors.


Grout is the cementitious material that fills the gaps and joints between tiles in a tile installation project. It helps prevent your tiles from shifting or cracking along their edges over time, and it provides a finished aesthetic to the space. It can be mixed with sand or without sand, and can also contain additives for extra bonding and water resistance.

Typically, grout is available in a range of colours to match or contrast with your tile selections. It is recommended that you use a grout with a lighter shade than the tile itself, as darker grout lines can draw the eye and create visual distractions.

Regardless of the type of grout you choose, it should be nonshrinkable and freeflowing with a compressive strength of at least 30 n/mm2 in 7 days and 40 n/mm2 in 28 days. It is important that you mix the powder with water in an appropriate ratio to avoid air entraining during the mixing process.


Typically, a tiler will deal with all aspects of the tiling project, from laying tiles to adding finishing touches. They will also prepare surfaces by removing old tiles, sanding walls and floors, and applying a base coat of cement or plaster. This work can be costly, but is a necessity to ensure the longevity of the new surface.

Tilers also take on the role of choosing the best materials for your project. They will discuss your project’s goals and budget with you to make sure they can offer suitable tile options and adhesives that align with your needs. They will also recommend appropriate finishes that will complement the aesthetic of your space.

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