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The Kiwi Team

Bird watching is our business

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Looking for fernbirds, Invercargill
Tour group, Mt Cook NP
Jan 2002 group at Bluff
Group at Milford Sound


Our tours are particularly suited to people already involved in
bird-watching in their own countries but who would like to travel outside their area of knowledge with a group of like-minded people.

While KWT guides accompany each tour, we believe the opportunity to experience local guides and personalities is a big attraction for people wishing to bird in exotic places. We employ local guides and others who can meet this requirement as a way of enhancing the tours, as well as providing employment opportunities within local communities.

Bill at Vatthe Conservation Area, Vanuatu John Waihuru in Ravo Valley Forest, Solomon Islands
Isake on Bouma Jungle Trek
Yves Letocart, with Clare and Karen

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