How to Buy Boat Trailers in Auckland

With New Zealand’s beautiful coastline and pristine waters, many people love boating. It is crucial that they have a reliable boat trailer to transport their boats to and from the water.

A good quality boat trailer is a worthwhile investment for any boat owner. It can help them save money on repairs, fuel and mooring fees.


Length is one of the most important measurements to take into consideration when choosing a boat trailer. You must make sure the trailer you buy is long enough to accommodate your boat and has a load capacity that is appropriate for its weight. The load capacity will be indicated on the trailer’s placard and should include the weight of the boat, as well as fuel, water, and equipment.

The size of your tinny will also influence what type of trailer you need. Alloy trailers are best suited for small tinnies, as they offer a sturdy platform for loading and unloading boats. They also feature load guides, which are made from padded boards or PVC pipe and help position the boat correctly on the trailer.


A trailer should be able to carry the total weight of your boat plus fuel, water and other gear. It is important to know how much the trailer weighs so that you can correctly determine your tongue weight, which should be between 7 and 12 percent of the total weight of your boat/motor/trailer combination.

A premium boat trailer can include accessories that make it easy to load, unload, and retrieve your boat from the water. These can include a wind-up jockey wheel, Christine winch with a spare tyre mount, a walk board down the centre of the trailer and guide poles at the bow. It can also be fitted with a genuine Bearing Buddy to keep the wheel bearings lubricated. Other features to look for include galvanised shackles and a safety chain connected to the trailer and another one attached to your car.

Type of Trailer

When selecting a trailer, make sure it is capable of carrying the weight of your boat and its gear. This is often called the trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GTWR). A safety margin should be included, so that you don’t exceed 85% of this capacity.

Consider your trailer’s running gear, which includes the tires, wheels and bearings. They’re rated much like the ones in your car or truck and require regular inspection and maintenance. If your trailer is to be used in salt water, select a galvanized version to avoid corrosion.

A float-on trailer is ideal for larger boats that require deeper water to load and unload. It allows the boat to float onto and off the trailer, and works best when the ramp or dock is accessed in optimal conditions.


New Zealand is home to beautiful waterways, attracting many boat owners. To avoid the risk of damage or theft during transportation, boat owners need a boat trailer. Unlike boat hauling services, a trailer gives the owner complete control over the transportation process.

The trailer should have a functioning winch that can support the weight of the boat. It should be easy to operate, even under load. The cable should also be free of cracks or thinning.

The trailer should also have a set of rollers or guides to ease the process of loading and unloading. These help to reduce the stress on the boat, decreasing the chances of scratching the hull. Additionally, they allow the boat to slide smoothly onto the trailer. The keel rollers are usually placed along the centerline of the trailer, allowing the boat to roll on.


There are a number of important safety measures to take when buying boat trailers. For example, it is vital that you check that the trailer fits your boat. This can be done by measuring the distance from the eye on the bow of the boat to the winch post, and ensuring that this is the same as or shorter than the maximum allowable length for your trailer.

It is also a good idea to use a safety chain between the trailer and the towing vehicle, and double chains are required if the trailer weighs more than 2,000kg. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep the rollers on the trailer well-greased and in good condition.

Finally, it is a good idea to register your trailer with the NZTA as soon as money changes hands. The registration process helps to ensure that your trailer is easily identifiable and can be tracked if it is stolen.

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